Different Gym Equipment : Local Personal Trainers.

Different Gym Equipment

Different Gym Equipment : Local Personal Trainers.

Different Gym Equipment

different gym equipment


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different gym equipment – Gazelle Edge

Gazelle Edge
Gazelle Edge
Gazelle Edge gives you a total body workout; building your cardiovascular system, and burning those unwanted calories.

Burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular endurance with the Gazelle Edge, which simultaneously works out both your upper and lower body. Ideal for all fitness levels, the Edge’s unsurpassed range of motion lets you go from a slow walk to a full run with no sudden stops, so you won’t put undue pressure on your joints. The resulting aerobic workout will challenge you without sacrificing your knees. Details include an easy-to-use, five-function workout computer that delivers immediate feedback on speed, distance, time, and calories burned; a foldable footprint for easy storage; extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms; a durable 1.5-inch rolled steel frame; high-density foam handlebars; and a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
Key Details:
Easy-to-use computer provides immediate feedback on speed, distance, time and approximate calories burned
Patented, dual-action split suspension provides a complete range of motion and freedom of movement
1-1/2-inch gauge steel construction holds up to 250 pounds
Extra-wide, nonskid foot platforms for added stability
Handlebars are covered with high-density foam for extra comfort
Folds quickly for easy storage so it won’t take up space in your home
Low-impact workout gives you an aerobic workout
Lets you go from a slow walk to a full run with no sudden stops
Completely smooth and quiet
For all fitness levels and ages

Insotel Fenicia Prestige Thalasso & Spa. Ibiza. Gym

Insotel Fenicia Prestige Thalasso & Spa. Ibiza. Gym
SPA viene del latin “Sanus per Aquam”, que significa “salud a traves del agua”. En nuestro Thalasso Spa, encontrara el oasis perfecto para beneficiarse de las propiedades curativas y relajantes del agua.

Nuestro Thalasso Spa es un centro especializado en el cuidado personal donde podra disfrutar de autenticos profesionales que le ayudaran a conseguir el bienestar de su cuerpo y mente. Tiene una superficie de 1200 m2, distribuida en tres zonas:

Zona Termal (con cargo) Sus instalaciones incluyen, entre otras, una piscina exterior climatizada, piscina de hidromasaje exterior, solarium, piscina interior dinamica, camas de agua, sauna, bano de vapor de hierbas, bano de vapor de sales, laconium, duchas de sensaciones, fuente de hielo, banos de pies para reflexologia podal, zonas de relajacion interior con camas termicas y sillones de relajacion Cocoon.

Fitness Centre (sin cargo). El gimnasio dispone de un completo equipamiento de ultima generacion para su puesta en forma.

Beauty Centre (con cargo). Ponemos a su disposicion multiples salas para todo tipo de terapias y tratamientos para la salud y la belleza, incluyendo sala de estetica, peluqueria, sala de relajacion, ducha escocesa, ducha Vichy, banos de fango, programas de belleza unisex y tratamientos especiales para el cuidado de su salud.

The term SPA comes from the Latin “Sanus per Aquam”, which means “health through water”. At our Thalasso Spa, you will find the ideal oasis to soak up all the healing and relaxing properties of our water. The Thalasso Spa specialises in personal care, where you will enjoy the expertise and skill of our experienced professionals, who will help you gain total wellness for body and mind. At your service are 1200 m2 of space, distributed in three main areas:

Spa Area (extra charge) Facilities include a heated outdoor pool, outdoor hydromassage pool, solarium, indoor dynamic pool, water beds, sauna, herbal steam room, salt steam room, laconium room, sensation showers, ice fountain, reflexology foot baths, indoor relaxation areas with heated beds and Cocoon relaxation loungers.

Fitness Centre (free of charge). The gym has all the latest equipment for your total fitness.

Beauty Centre (extra charge). Several different rooms are available to you for all sorts of health and beauty therapies and treatments, including a beauty salon, hair salon, relaxation room, hot and cold water shower, Vichy shower, mud baths, unisex beauty programmes and special health treatments.

15/365 [That what it is not]

15/365 [That what it is not]
At my gym they have these accessories hanging on the wall for use with the different machines.

It’s all very serious stuff, but I keep thinking it’s a couple of whips short of looking like a different collection, designed for inflicting a different sort of pain. 😉

different gym equipment

different gym equipment

P90X Pro-Grade PowerStands Push-Up Stands: Ergonomic, Non-Skid, Foam-Grip, Heavy-Duty
Achieve the perfect push-up every time!
The most ergonomic, heavy-duty push-up gear we’ve ever made!
The ultimate fitness equipment designed to help you achieve the perfect push-up every time! It enhances your push-up workouts without straining your wrists or forearms. The ergonomic design with nonskid bases and foam-grip padding ensures muscle engagement and maximum comfort during prolonged use. Tony Horton’s PowerStands are the perfect addition to your home gym for strengthening and sculpting your arms, shoulders, chest, and back!
Special features include:
• Works for any fitness level-from beginner through professional athlete
• Premium grade, heavy duty
• Nonskid circular bases are ultra-stable
• Angled to eliminate wrist strain
• Foam grips eliminate hand strain
• No assembly required
• Designed and used by celebrity trainer Tony Horton


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